Good & Gather™ Sea Salt Roasted Pistachios,20 oz


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Sea Salt Dry Roasted Pistachios from Good & Gather™ are a great way to enjoy a savory afternoon snack. These pistachios are roasted and sprinkled with sea salt to bring out their best flavor. They also come in the shell for an extra bit of fun while you eat them, and are packaged in a large container so you can share with friends or keep at your work desk for easy snacking. They are Heart Healthy* so you can enjoy them with ease of mind. Perfect as a travel snack companion or for enjoying when you’re exploring the outdoors, these in-shell pistachios are sure to please.

  • 23oz container of Sea Salt Dry Roasted pistachios is reclosable so you can enjoy them throughout the day
  • Roasted and sprinkled with sea salt for the perfect flavor
  • Net Wt. 23 oz
  • Kosher Certified