Marketside Crumbles Blue Cheese, 5 oz


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Level up your appetizer game with Marketside Crumbles Blue Cheese. This creamy Blue cheese is aged over 60 days for a distinctive, sophisticated Blue cheese taste with nutty, peppery, and salty notes among the traditional Blue cheese flavors. It's made from cow's milk and carries the Proudly Wisconsin Cheese™ stamp of approval, so you can be confident you're getting pure, wholesome, and delicious dairy. It's the standout star of the cheese plate, especially when paired with apricots or other sweet fruits and water crackers, and is also great crumbled on salads, buried in a beef patty, or stirred into sauces that need a little extra kick.

  • New and improved
  • Aged over 60 days
  • Made with cow's milk
  • Proudly Wisconsin Cheese™
  • 0g trans fat
  • 100 calories per serving
  • 5oz reclosable package contains about 5 servings