Neilmed NasaBulb Nasal Aspirator, 2 Count


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Give your little one some relief with this NeilMed NasaBulb. It helps clear mucus from the baby's nose making breathing easier. This BPA-free bulb has a very soft silicone tip that makes it safe and comfortable for small noses. It has a 50mL volume capacity and a clear design. This nose bulb for babies comes in a pack of two. Sterilizable by boiling or microwave or disinfectants, it reduces the risk of contamination.

  • For mucus relief from stuffy nose
  • Reduces contamination risk
  • Very soft silicone tip and bulb
  • Clear design
  • BPA and latex free
  • Sterilizable by boiling or microwave or disinfectants
  • Nasal suction bulb comes in a 2-count pack
  • Helps clear mucus from baby's nose making breathing easier
  • Volume capacity 50mL(1.69 oz)
  • For small noses
  • Safe
  • Easy to clean