Pedialyte Sport Electrolyte Powder Fruit Punch Powder, 6 Count


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Pedialyte Sport has a scientifically designed balance of electrolytes and sugar, with 3x the electrolytes and ¼ the sugar of the leading sports drinks.* It’s formulated for athletes to provide fast hydration and muscle support before, during, and after exercise. And it has 5 key electrolytes that help replace what is lost in sweat during intense workouts: sodium (to avoid muscle cramping), chloride (for fluid balance), potassium (for muscle and nerve function), magnesium (for muscle health), and phosphate (for muscle repair). 
  • FAST HYDRATION WITH 5 KEY ELECTROLYTES: Contains 5 key electrolytes for fast rehydration and muscle support
  • MORE THAN SPORTS DRINKS: Pedialyte Sport has 3X the electrolytes and ¼ sugar of the leading sports drinks*
  • FORMULATED FOR ATHLETES: Advanced hydration designed to quickly replenish fluids and electrolytes lost during exercise
  • TRUSTED BY THE PROS: Fast hydration from the brand used by professional sports teams for decades
  • GREAT FLAVORS: Available in 2 amazing flavors, in ready-to-drink liters and convenient powder packs that go anywhere