Tazo Tea Bags Earl Grey 20, Count


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Tazo Earl Grey Black Tea brings the refreshing tradition of the finest afternoon teas into your cup. Distinctive for its elegant flavor, this bold blend of black teas is delicately scented with the citrus hint of bergamot. Its extremely versatile flavor makes it great to enjoy whenever the mood strikes. With 20 unsweetened tea bags that preserve the freshness you love in every box, you can enjoy this high-caffeine tea as your morning cup of tea or an afternoon pick-me-up! Add one Tazo tea bag to a cup, top it up with hot water, and let it brew for 5 minutes to release all the bright freshness inside. 
  • Tazo Earl Grey Black Tea is a bold black tea enhanced with the refreshing essence of bergamot.
  • This box contains 20 individual black tea bags for a fragrant cup of tea with hints of vanilla.
  • This Earl Grey Black Tea is a bold blend of black teas that are expertly handpicked, never pre-blended, and sourced from communities around the world.
  • The high caffeine levels in this earl grey tea make it perfect for a morning cup of tea or an afternoon pick-me-up.
  • This black tea is best enjoyed as a hot tea to feel most invigorated.
  • Tazo creates delicious, non-GMO Project Verified teas, including deliciously flavored teas, that are carefully packaged in tea bags for easy enjoyment.